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Study Abroad Consultancy.

Study Abroad Consultancy Private Limited Australian based Immigration and Student Visa Consultants focuses on client satisfaction, keeping in mind the quality and the aspects of a client. With a team of registered Education Counselors and RMA (Registered Migration Agent) agents.

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Why study abroad?

See the world, experience a new culture, dive into a world-class education – and prepare for your global future. Nothing beats the immersive international experience you’ll get while studying abroad.

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Why We are Special?

Bringing firsthand knowledge of schools and program, staying abreast of relentless changes in the field


13+ Years of Experience

Visa’s in Global Immigration Summit

Get expert support and comprehensive coverage that simplifies the ever-changing immigration process, giving your people the freedom to move.

  • Entering & Leaving From Country
  • Tourist & Visitor Visas
  • Study and work visa consultant
  • Immigration Service For Agents
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Visa Approved in 3 Simple Steps.

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Best Immigration Visa Consultations.

From consultants' credentials and accreditation to their specialized expertise, this guide provides valuable insights into the criteria that set the best apart.
  • Immigration Process Responsibility 95%
  • Quick & Easy Visa Application 79%
  • Skilled & Professional Consultants 85%
  • 6 Countries 99%

Services We Support
For Immigration.

Join us in navigating the realm of “Affamia Services We Support for Immigration,” where expertise meets empathy, and each client is guided through the complexities of immigration with a personalized and supportive touch. Whether you’re envisioning a new life for yourself or your family, “Affamia” stands ready to transform aspirations into realities through their dedicated and comprehensive suite of immigration support services.

Anytime Consulting

Connect with us through the Anytime Consulting form. We're here to assist you at your convenience.


    Provides Services Client Requires.

    Tailoring services to meet client needs, we deliver personalized solutions. Our commitment is to provide exactly what our clients require, exceeding expectations
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    Immigration Services From Expert Agents.

    Rely on our seasoned team of expert agents for unparalleled immigration services. From visa applications to legal counsel, we navigate the complexities, ensuring your journey is guided by professionals committed to your success in a new chapter of life.

    Legal Immigration Processing

    Smooth legal processing for seamless immigration experiences.

    Required Documents Support

    We assist in obtaining all required immigration documents efficiently.


    Provides Services Client Requires.

    We offer unparalleled business solutions, ensuring success and growth. Partner with us for excellence in every endeavor.

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